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Zen Koi Game is a fun, relaxing mobile game for iOS and Android.
Grow, breed and collect beautiful Japanese carp as they make their way to mythological dragon form. 



Start Collecting

Breed and collect more than 300 different colour and pattern Koi. More Koi patterns can be discovered post-release. 

Be social

Trade and swap Koi with your friends and family to complete your collection of common and rare patterned Koi.

Earn awards

Gain awards and achievements when you breed some of the iconic Koi colours and patterns.

A uniquely meditative game

Grow, breed, and collect colourful Koi on the way to peaceful transcendence in the stylish new experience from LandShark Games Zen Koi. With soothing gameplay and a meditative, chill-out soundtrack by SystemSovereign and SFX by IMBA, Zen Koi is a unique blend of languid action and strategic collection. Level your Koi by chasing and consuming a wide variety of animated little fish. Find other Koi and breed to create rare patterned offspring. Progress along a mythological path of expansion, guiding your Koi toward its final ascension into dragon form. We will be releasing a limited edition patterned Koi when we launch. Be the first players to own this rare Koi when we announce our launch.

Zen Koi core features


Soothing, intuitive gameplay.

Zen Koi’s subtle mechanics creates a uniquely meditative gameplay.

Unique smooth flowing action.

Players control a colourful Koi as it lazily follows finger motions through stylish Zen-inspired environs.

Calming atmosphere and beautifully toned environment.

Zen Koi draws upon a carefully crafted atmosphere of gorgeous artwork and sound designs by System Sovereign and IMBA.

Hundreds of Koi types for collection, including hard to find rares.

More than 300 possible combinations are possible within the core game, with more to be made available post-release.

Share Koi patterns with friends.

Player advancement is tracked via an online leaderboard, and Koi can be shared through the game’s fully integrated friends list.

Limited edition Koi pattern awarded to the first players to download and play!

Be surprised by special limited edition Koi pattern awarded by Zen Koi as you dedicate your time to breeding and completing your Koi collection.


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